Order and Delivery

How do I place and order at Top Crane?
Order your Ghost One or Stealth One from the Top Crane Design Studio 

How much does it cost to place an order for Stealth One?
The cost to place an order in the Top Crane Design Studio is $1,200 USD non-refundable order fee. The full payment for the total cost of your order will need to be made by bank wire transfer in your Top Crane Account before taking delivery.

What payment options are available for Stealth One orders?
Credit card is to be used for the non-refundable deposit fee to place your order. Accepted methods of final payment for your Top Crane Order are cash in the form of bank wire transfer and/or loan.

Can I edit or cancel my Stealth One order?
You can cancel your Top Crane Order only if done before taking delivery but your $1,200 dollar deposit will not be refunded, please contact us through your Top Crane Account if you need to cancel your order.

I’m ready to take delivery of my Top Crane Product. How do I get started?
Log in to your Top Crane Account to check on delivery timeline. Complete the delivery checkout steps such as completing the transfer by bank wire form in your account or finishing up the financing process with Quail Financial Solutions before taking delivery of your order. 


Can I change my build from within my Top Crane Account?
Yes. You can edit your build from your Top Crane Account. Note that the current pricing and options may be different from when you placed your order.


How do I apply for Top Crane Financing?
Submit your credit application at Top Crane Payments. After submitting the application, the Quail Financing team will contact you within 48 hours. If you have questions, you may contact them directly at

Can I finance with my own bank or credit union?
Yes. In order to apply third-party financing to your purchase, Top Crane requires:

  • The name of the funding institution

    The exact dollar amount of your loan

    The lien-holder address and phone number

When do I apply for Top Crane Financing?
Finance approvals are valid for between 30-60 days, so we advise that once you apply for financing your are ready to take delivery within that time frame of delivery.

Payment and Fees

What are the accepted methods of payment?
Before taking delivery of your Ghost or Stealth, we require that the balance be paid in full, either personally or by way of guarantee from a financing institution.

Final payment is accepted via:

  • Electronic check (Bank Transfer) in your Top Crane Account

  • Traditional Wire transfer

Note: Credit Cards are only accepted for the initial deposit order fee.

Will I be eligible to receive incentives for purchasing Ghost/Stealth One?
If you send us a 60-90 second professionally produced video about your Ghost or Stealth One via upload on your Top Crane Account page, we will give you $1000 dollars cashback. 


What markets are Ghost and Stealth One available in?
Top Crane Ships both locally and internationally. Ghost and Mances are available for purchase worldwide.

When will my Ghost One production begin?
We recommend checking the Top Crane Design studio for current manufacturing timelines. Unless we are bogged down and super behind in the queue, we should have Ghosts and Stealths ready for immediate shipment as they are not built to order. 

Software Updates

There are no firmware or software updates for Ghost One, It is already finely tuned by veteran industry professionals and our Top Crane engineers in order to function flawlessly, rain or shine, on-road or off, for the rest of your days. 


Basic Limited Warranty

1 Year on parts and assembly.

Warranty Transfer 

Ownership Transfer

Your one-year Limited Warranty is transferable at no cost to any person(s) who subsequently and lawfully assume(s) ownership of the product after the first retail purchaser within the described limitations of the Limited Warranty (“subsequent purchaser”). 

Extended Warranty 

2-Year Extended Service Agreement

Coverage is based upon the purchased agreement option and takes effect on the date that your original Top Crane Limited Warranty expires.

Can anyone purchase an Extended Service Agreement?

Top Crane owners subject to the New Purchase Limited Warranty, which are still within the eligible purchase period (1 year from initial purchase) can purchase the 2 Extended warranty Agreement.

Where can I purchase the Extended Service Agreement?

The Extended Service Agreement can be directly purchased on the Top Crane Design Studio.

Service Information

Does my Top Crane Product need annual maintenance service?

We recommend that you check your Owner's Manual for the latest maintenance recommendations for your Top Crane Product.


Video Guides

View the video library – designed to educate you on product features.

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